Diversity and Inclusion

Regarding Diversity and Inclusion

At Elemental Fiberworks, I aim to grow a culture of respect, value, and equality. Whatever your gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability, you are welcome in my booth at shows, in my online spaces, and at shops and other events I participate in. In the short term I will be evaluating the inclusiveness of my current shows, retailers, and events, along with being intentional about who I approach for collaborations, make sample patterns from, and provide yarn support to. These actions will help me make long term choices that build a foundation of inclusivity that I can work from in years to come, including any hiring decisions made at EFW in the future. 

Growing this culture of inclusion within EFW, within the fiber arts community, and within the global community will always be a work in progress. While I work on learning where my blind spots are, I welcome your insights and suggestions regarding other actions myself and Elemental Fiberworks can take to better serve and include marginalized groups of all kinds.

Maintaining this culture requires me to moderate the spaces I create. I will not tolerate hateful speech, attacking others, racism, or any other -ism, and I expect you to uphold and respect these values within my spaces. Please be awesome to each other, and be open to listening without dismissal, derailing, or defensiveness. If you find anything hurtful (said by myself or anyone else) within my website, Facebook group, Instagram account, Ravelry group, or at events and shows EFW has a presence at, my inbox is open— please let me know so I can attend to the issue.