Fiber Base Descriptions

Wondering what bases Elemental Fiberworks works with and what they're like?

Standard bases are fibers I almost always have in stock, while additional bases are fibers that I carry on and off.

Standard Bases:

Merino: This ~21 micron Merino combed top is a nice fluffy fiber with a ~4" staple that will be soft enough for next-to-skin items unless you're particularly sensitive to wool. Not superwash.
Merino/Black Tencel: This 80/20 blend of Merino and black tencel has the same properties as the standard 21m Merino but the added interest of the black streaks of tencel, which create a somewhat heathered effect. Not superwash.
BFL: This BFL combed top is nice and soft, with a staple length around 4-5" and a nice bit of sheen. I love recommending BFL to beginning spinners! Not superwash.
Polwarth: This Polwarth combed top is next to skin soft with a crimp level between Merino and Targhee. Spins up into a nice fluffy yarn and is easy to draft. Not superwash.
Targhee: This Targhee combed top is next to skin soft with a lot of crimp and spins up into a nice bouncy yarn that poofs amazingly after washing. Targhee is one of my all-time favorite fibers! Not superwash.

Additional Bases:

Merino/Bamboo/Silk: This 50/20/20 blend of Merino, bamboo, and silk is a bit slippery but has a lovely shine to it and a bit of streakiness from the bamboo. Not superwash.
Merino/Superwash Merino/Silk: A 40/40/20% blend that dyes up into neat effects as the different fibers take up dye differently. Nice and soft, it is only partially superwash and therefore will still felt if treated roughly.
BFL/Silk: This 75/25 blend of BFL and silk combed top is nice and soft, with a staple length around 4”. It is easy to spin like plain BFL and the silk adds more shine and strength.  Not superwash.
Superwash BFL/Nylon: This blend of 80/20 BFL and nylon combed top is extremely fluffy and perfect for sturdy socks. The nylon doesn’t take dye quite as well as the wool but doesn’t appear streaky when spun. This fiber is superwash.
Polwarth/Silk 85/15: This 85/15 blend of Polwarth and silk combed top has all the properties of plain Polwarth with an added bit of shine and slip while drafting from the silk. Not superwash.
Organic Polwarth/Silk 80/20: This 80/20 blend of Organic Polwarth and silk combed top is a little softer than the plain Polwarth and 85/15 blend and is a breeze to draft and spin. Not superwash.
Targhee/Bamboo/Silk: This 80/10/10 blend of Targhee, bamboo, and silk drafts just a little smoother than plain Targhee and the bamboo and silk both add some shine and durability. The bamboo streaks blend into thinner diameter yarns but may stand out in thicker yarns. Not superwash.
Rambouillet/Polwarth/Silk: This 50/25/25 blend of Rambouillet, Polwarth, and silk was custom milled for EFW. Combining the grippy crimp of Rambouillet with the slightly smoother Polwarth and the slippery silk makes for a blend with just the right amount of slip and grip while drafting. Not superwash.