Fiber Care

Your finished yarn is really awesome, fellow fiber scientist!

Here are some tips to keep it looking just the way it is as long as possible.

  • After spinning, wash in cool to lukewarm (not hot) water with an appropriate fiber wash, and finish the yarn in the way you desire (thwack, snap, full, etc.).
  • Some dye colors are prone to bleeding, particularly turquoise and some reds. Everything gets rinsed thoroughly here at EFW, but very hot water, very salty water, and some kinds of soap/chemicals can exacerbate bleeding. A slight tint to your rinse water is fairly normal. (If color is coming off on your hands or there is an exorbitant amount of dye in your rinse water, please contact me!)
  • Wash non-superwash finished items by hand in the same way as your yarn, and lay flat to dry. 
  • While superwash fibers are said to be machine washable, I personally prefer to hand-wash those as well or put them through the spiffy wool cycle on my washer. Again, lay flat to dry. Most of my fiber bases are NOT superwash! Please read the individual listings and fiber descriptions carefully.

Accidental felting of finished items is a thought that keeps me awake at night, but EFW is not responsible for what sorts of mischief your significant other/child/pet gets into.