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Dyed to Order

Dyed to Order means you pick your colorway, base, and quantity and I'll dye it up for you! 

This is a great way to order a large quantity of one colorway for a big project or to get your favorite colorway/base combo even if it's not currently in stock and ready to ship. I aim to ship Dyed to Order fibers and yarns within 2 weeks. Other items ordered at the same time will be held and shipped once your DTO fiber is ready.

Want to see if there are any ready to ship braids in these colorways? I've included a link in each listing to the ready to ship version that you can click over to (if it exists). You'll find already dyed braids listed there. In a pinch, use the search function in the top menu bar to look up the colorway name!

There are no products listed under this category.