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Horsehead Nebula - Quantum Sock Blank

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Horsehead Nebula - Quantum Sock Blank

Located near Orion's belt is his trusty horse-- the Horsehead Nebula. Cherry reds and orange surrounded by gray-black are my depiction of the popular photographs of this well-known stellar nursery.

Some of the Nebula colorways have been translated into sock blanks for your gradient knitting needs! The sock blank versions feature just the color section of the Nebula colorways without the surrounding gray. Some are one long gradient and some are back-and-forth gradients.

This sturdy single strand blank is a superwash Merino/Nylon base that will make for colorful socks, a squishy shawl, or whatever else you have in mind! The Quantum Sock base is a 4-ply heavy fingering weight that is nice and round with good stitch definition. To use a sock blank, simply pull on the loose end of the blank and start your project, or wind the blank into a cake or ball if you'd like to start at the other end.

Base: Quantum Sock Blank
Single strand sock blank
80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon
435 yards / 115g

Nebula colorways are inspired by the grand things going on far beyond our own planet and solar system. A mix of hand-painting and kettle dyeing, each batch comes out a little bit differently and some are more consistent than others; note the Colorway Repeatability indicator below. If you want the best chance at skeins that play well together, please order all you need for your project at one time. I recommend alternating skeins for large projects. 

Colorway repeatability: Theory


Mad science colorways are one of a kind (OOAK), unique, and may never appear again exactly as you see them now. Everything with Experiment or OOAK in the name is a non-repeatable Mad Science colorway.

Hypothesis colorways are somewhat repeatable but can vary quite a bit from batch to batch. Colorways I'm tweaking and refining are Hypothesis colorways, as are some colorways that have recipes but are too variable to be considered Theories, such as Nebula colorways.

Theory colorways are dialed-in recipes that are as repeatable as they come here at EFW. Most of the Elements Collection will end up as Theory colorways as they are developed and pass through testing.


I only include pictures that I think accurately represent the colors of the fiber or yarn, but differences in computer monitors mean my photos may not be 100% accurate. I accept returns of items in original condition within 30 days of purchase; see the Shipping & Returns page for more information.

My top goal here at Elemental Fiberworks is to provide an fun and geeky crafting experience that you'll enjoy every minute of! Please visit my Info & FAQ page if you have questions regarding my different fiber bases, shipping, returns, or fiber care, and if you still have a question, visit the Contact form.