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Research Lab - Fiber club

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Research Lab - Fiber club

Out of stock

Welcome to the Elemental Fiberworks Research Lab!

Join me as a Lab Partner and get ready for three months of packages filled with geeky fiber. (If you're looking for the yarn option, that's right here.)

For all of 2018, the Research Lab will be exploring the contributions of women in STEM fields, drawing colorway inspiration from posters in the Beyond Curie collection, designed by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya. Fiber colorways will be a mix of gradients, thin or thick stripes, kettle dyed/tonal, and whatever else suits the inspiration!

October will be the LAST opportunity to join the Research Lab this year as I start to tweak things for 2019! Join by midnight, October 10th to get the last three months of colorways inspired by Women in STEM

How the Research Lab works...

  • A one-time payment covers three months of fiber or yarn plus shipping costs.
  • Packages will ship as near as possible to the 20th of each month.
  • Other items ordered within a week of the club ship date will ship free with your club package!
  • You'll get a renewal email after your third month ships with directions on how to renew if you want to stay a Lab Partner.
  • Research Lab Partners may occasionally get additional perks such as coupon codes, ability to purchase any extra monthly colorway braids/skeins at a discount, and other geeky tidbits-- that's on top of free shipping for anything you order to ship with your club package, international shipments included!

There are going to be four fiber options for my intrepid spinners, and price will vary slightly depending on fiber. 3 months of fiber and domestic USA first-class shipping is included. International orders welcome with an additional $25 shipping charge that will be invoiced separately. All 3 months of your membership will be the same fiber, but you can switch the next time you renew!

BFL: $84
Merino/Black Tencel: $79 (Temporarily out of stock)
Targhee/Bamboo/Silk: $79
Organic Polwarth/Silk: $99

For more detailed descriptions of these options, see my Fiber Base Descriptions page.

From the Beyond Curie About page...
Despite all the progress that has been made, science, math, and engineering are still too often biased against women. Each one of the lady bosses featured in Beyond Curie has surmounted incredible odds and faced down countless challenges for decades in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and impact. We owe them our respect.


If you fall in love with these posters, you can purchase prints of your favorite badass women on the Beyond Curie website! I will be putting together a bit of history and information on each month's colorway inspiration to include with each package, and other treats may also slip in on occasion.

While there are a whopping 35 Beyond Curie posters to work from, after 2018 the Research Lab may switch focus for a while. The Lab is intended to be a structure within which I can be inspired, experiment, and keep things fun and geeky! Each year that the Lab runs may hold something different.

Join the lab now so you don't miss any of 2018's colorways!